Why the sky is blue and the sky blue sky

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As it begins to warm and fall, the skies in northern Florida will begin to turn blue.

It will be the beginning of a long winter for many of the state’s communities, and the first since a devastating drought in 2010.

But in a few areas, there’s hope.

In Fort Pierce, Florida, the city is using a blue sky camouflage paint job to mark winter storms and other weather events.

The city of 1.4 million has spent $2.2 million of its own money to spray the colors.

And it’s only the beginning.

In Orange County, a town of about 2,500 people, officials are planning to use blue sky and camouflage paint to mark snowfall and other events.

A similar project is underway in Orange County.

The Blue Sky Project was established by Fort Pierce Mayor Jeff Salser and the city’s chief stormwater engineer, Steve Gaskin.

It’s a partnership between Salsers office and the local Department of Public Works.

The plan calls for spraying the paint in the first three days of November and in December, then again in January.

Salsers says it’s more cost effective than spraying the same colors on a regular basis, but it’s a big step in saving the community money and time.

The work isn’t just a cosmetic thing.

Sams said there’s a lot of other stuff going on that’s not visible on the city streets, and it’s all related to weather.

It also is a way to get the city on the airwaves and on TV to educate the public about what’s happening.

In the coming months, the paint will be applied to cars and in parks.

It’ll be used in the parks for public events, including school field trips and baseball games.

The paint is already on the roads, with some areas now in operation.

For example, a park in Boca Raton has been spraying the blue sky on the sidewalk for about a week, city spokeswoman Michelle DeMent said.

It’s still early days for the project, and some areas of Orange County may not be ready yet.

But DeMant said the city will have to start paying the bills and will be working to pay off the city water system.

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