Why the Japanese love plating Japanese food

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Japanese food is no longer a niche market, but a major export.

It’s been selling for decades, but in 2016 the food industry was at a crossroads.

The nation has been undergoing a drastic economic change in recent years and many people fear the country will experience an economic collapse.

A Japanese food industry that has been in a steady decline for years is finally getting a chance to revive, and now that the global market has reopened, Japanese food will once again be the top export for the nation.

But for many Japanese, it’s still a niche industry.

For example, the industry is a huge source of income for the government, which is looking to make up for lost revenue from the country’s declining manufacturing sector.

Many restaurants are still owned by the same family, with the eldest person receiving the lion’s share of the profits.

But it seems that younger generations have begun to take over.

In addition to their own families, younger generations in Japan are starting to take a more active role in the food system.

In the past, it was restaurants and restaurants alone that handled the majority of Japanese restaurants, but today more and more restaurants are catering to younger generations.

The number of restaurants in the country has doubled in the past decade, and by 2025, there will be more than a million restaurants.

The trend will only continue to increase, and in 2020, restaurants will be able to serve more than 200 million diners in Japan.

Many older diners will also be able sit at their tables, which are getting bigger and bigger, but the younger generation is expected to be even more influential in the restaurant industry.

As a result, it is expected that the number of diners at restaurants will increase by almost 100 million in 2020.

The increase in diners also means that the age of the customers has increased.

Restaurants have been able to cater to younger people for a while, but now that younger people have taken a more prominent role in dining, the trend is set to continue.

The Japanese food system is still struggling.

But at least now they can rest easy knowing that they have a place in the world of food.

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