Why is my potato still pink?

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4 FourFour Two – The article 4FourFour Two: The article A few weeks ago, the BBC launched its latest documentary series called “Where Did My Potato Go?”, a look at the history of the potato, which is made from a tuber that’s been eaten for thousands of years around the world.

The programme has been widely acclaimed as an eye-opener, with the BBC criticising its producers for “overstating” the potato’s heritage and not telling the truth about its origins.

While some people might be surprised to hear that the potato is actually made from potatoes, the truth is that the tuber is actually a flowering plant, and that’s why it’s called a potato.

Planting potatoes in a field is the main part of the process, and it’s one of the key reasons the potato has been so popular.

A farmer can plant potatoes anywhere from four to eight metres tall, with some varieties being able to reach up to 30 metres in height.

The potatoes, which are cultivated by people in Europe and Asia, are then grown into a large crop of potatoes, known as a potato patch, that is then packed into containers to be shipped to the potato growing areas of the world, where the seeds are collected and stored.

Once planted, the potatoes are then left to grow, producing seeds that are harvested from the soil and stored for up to a year.

The potato is also eaten in traditional Chinese cuisine and traditionally, people would pick their own seedlings, with little or no help from anyone else.

“The potatoes are a very valuable crop,” said BBC Food and Environment correspondent David Jones.

“We see a lot of different varieties in our show, but in the end we’re talking about potatoes that are actually grown in the ground.

They’re grown by people.”

This is the first programme to look at how a potato is made, so it’s not only a story about the potato but about the history behind it.

“Where did my potato go?”, will air on 4 November on BBC One.

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