When the weather is perfect: A look at how Texas precision platers work

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Posted September 04, 2018 06:50:36I’m a fan of the Texas Precision Plating Company (TPC) as they have some of the most advanced and reliable equipment in the state.

It’s not just the precision coating for your windshield, it’s the plating that covers your car’s rear bumper, windows and doors.

I used to work in the car dealership, so I’ve always had a fascination with this technology.

When I first heard about the TPC in the 1990s, I thought it sounded like a lot of fun.

I thought they were the kind of guys who would spend hundreds of dollars on a custom bumper, then get a job with a local car dealer to fix it up.

I never believed it was possible.

I got in touch with TPC to find out more and see how they did the job, and the results were a big help to me.

The TPC specializes in two types of plating: precision and red sky.

Precision plating is a method used to ensure the paint will stick to the metal.

Red sky plation is an art form, which involves applying paint to the rear window or a front bumper.

I recently decided to take a look at what these two types entail.

I decided to use the TLCA-18, which is a fairly common tinted windshield.

The TLCB-12 is a thicker and wider, less flexible version of the TCL-12.

I started with the TCl-12, and after a few attempts with different plating materials, decided on the TCC-12 (TLCB12).

I had a few ideas about the platers, but ultimately decided on a TCLB-2 because it’s thinner and has a better fit for the T-20 window.

I went through several hundred different paint jobs with different thicknesses and shapes.

The thicknesses were varied from just a little bit thinner to a lot thicker, and I did it for my own enjoyment.

I tried a variety of different colours, as well as the TBC-1 which is made with a red sky pigment, to see which one worked best.

Here’s what the plater looked like after all the plations had been applied.

It was all done in-house and with TCLD’s Precision Plated Welding System, which I highly recommend if you’re considering a job like this.

I had to remove the TRC-12 because it had come loose from its socket.

This is what the TTC logo looks like after the plaques were removed.

It took me a while to decide on the colours for the tinted tint.

I wanted to make it as clear as possible so that the tint wouldn’t interfere with the red sky colours, but I was also worried about the blue tint interfering with the blue sky colours.

I eventually settled on the green tint, which works well for me.

I was also concerned that some of my plaques would peel off.

After some research, I found that a lot more plaques could be made using TCLW and the TNC-1, so they didn’t need to be removed after they were applied.

I ended up using a TBCM-5 with a TCCD-20.

It looks like this when it’s fully applied.

The tint was a success, so now I’m just waiting for the final product to be produced.

TPC also offers a tinted gloss finish for their tinted platers.

I also noticed that there were a few problems with the tiling.

One was that the plated surface was uneven, as if there was too much paint on it, and it was a bit hard to see.

I found this out when I took a closer look at the tint, and found it was definitely uneven.

I also noticed some gaps in the tint and a few other imperfections.

I think it might be a common issue with T-60 plating.

I have tried to make sure that the T20 window was properly plated before I applied the tint to it, so hopefully it won’t happen again.

I’m pretty sure the T60 tint will still be fine, but it’s going to be a lot easier to find a TLCL-1 that will match it.

I’m really impressed by the quality of TCLP, and am glad I decided to try them out.

It took me some time to find the right tint, but after trying them for a few days, I was hooked.

They are easy to apply and it looks amazing.

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