When diamonds go missing: A look at diamonds missing from the market

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By TOM LYNCH and MIKE MELVILLEIt’s not uncommon for people to think they have found a diamond.

But as it turns out, the reality is that diamonds have a very different history.

In this case, it was discovered in an underground chamber at a secret vault at a Swiss mining facility.

But in most cases, diamonds are discovered by a company called Diamond Exclusives.

Diamond Exclusive owns and operates the world’s largest diamond mines and it also has a business with the Chinese government that provides a variety of services for diamond producers.

The company says its diamonds are in the hands of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and that they are being shipped to the U.S. and Europe, where they will be sold to the world.

But Diamond Exclusively says it has never seen a diamond it did not approve.

In a world where diamonds are being mined in places such as Niger, the Urua and the Congo, it seems odd that a company with a reputation for secrecy would want to sell diamonds it did no research on.

But the story of how a diamond was found in a vault in a Swiss mine is a bit more complicated.

The story of what happened in the underground chamber is a story of intrigue, mystery and the need for a little history to understand what happened.

Diamond Exclusive first discovered diamonds in the late 1980s in the remote area of Alpbach in southwestern Switzerland.

As the mines progressed, more diamonds were discovered, and the number of diamonds discovered became an important issue for the company.

In 1997, the company decided to sell its remaining share of the diamond mines.

But that was not to last.

By 2005, the diamond mining company had lost its majority stake in the mines and in 2010, the mine was sold to a Swiss company called Exclusively Diamonds.

By then, the Chinese company Diamond Excluded had also sold its majority share in the mine, so the company was now in control of all the diamonds mined by the mine.

The mining company then tried to find a buyer for the diamonds it had sold, but it was not successful.

The company then turned to the Chinese Government for help.

At the time, there were concerns about Chinese government corruption, and one of the biggest concerns was whether the Chinese would be able to get the diamonds they needed for their country.

The Chinese government had no intention of selling the mines to the mining company.

In 2010, Diamond Exclusion received an offer of more than $100 million from the Chinese mining company DiamondExclusive for its remaining stake in Alpachbach.

The price tag for that deal was $150 million, which Diamond Exclusions paid for the diamond.

But the diamond company never received any of the diamonds the Chinese wanted, according to the lawsuit filed by the company in 2015.

The diamonds were shipped to Switzerland, but they were never found.

The diamonds were also never discovered.

Diamonds were discovered in a secret tunnel under the Alp Bach mine by a Swiss private investigator.

This tunnel is believed to have been part of a mine that was being developed by Diamond ExCLUSIVES, but the tunnel was never explored and no evidence of any mining was found.

After Diamond Exclude sold its remaining shares in the Alpacachbach mine to Diamond Excluding in 2011, the Swiss government was asked to find out what had happened to the diamonds.

In February 2013, the government sent a letter to DiamondExclusives requesting the diamonds be located.

The letter also asked the company to provide a detailed report on the diamonds that it had found.

The letter also warned that the diamond found was very valuable and could fetch between $150 to $200 million.

DiamondExclusive’s lawyer, Michael Melville, was called to testify.

But he did not want to talk about what he called a “very private matter” between the company and the Chinese authorities.

He then showed me a video of the Swiss mining company, which he says he never showed to anyone.

The video shows Diamond Excludes CEO Robert Schaeffer and the CEO of the company, Michael Schreiber.

Schaeff and Schreib were the two Chinese officials who sent the letter to the company asking for the new deal.

The Swiss government has been called to court over a number of diamond-related allegations, including that the company failed to pay taxes on its profits and that Diamond Exports improperly marketed the diamonds, but in both cases the case has been dismissed by the courts.

Schaeffer said that he was not aware that the diamonds had been found.

“We’re not aware of any diamonds that have been found, no matter what they may be, we’re not selling them,” he said.

The case also shows the difficulty of finding diamonds.

The Diamond Exists website states that it sells diamonds in “the majority of countries” and that the majority of its diamonds sold are “in the hands or the possession of Chinese officials.”

But the company does

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