What’s in a name? The full list of the biggest names in the world of track and field

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After nearly three decades, the World Cup is finally upon us.

We’ve already seen some of the best track and sprint events on the planet.

We saw what a true spectacle it can be.

But the real stars of the show, if you like, are the athletes.

The World Cup has been around for a long time, but with so many new sporting events to watch, the sheer number of athletes competing and the sheer amount of money at stake, it’s become increasingly difficult to keep track of everything.

And we can’t keep track.

So what are the top names in track and sport?

Who are the best?

We’ve put together the full list, and you’ll find it fascinating.1. 

Alex Ovechkin: Olympic gold medallist in 2016 and 20182. 

Juan Carlos Henrique: Olympic bronze medallists in 20163. 

Yasiel Puig: Olympic all-around gold medals4. 

Vladimir Klimov: Olympic medal winner5. 

Nathaniel Eilers: World champion6. 

Cameron Smith: World bronze medalist7. 

Konstantin Chukotov: World silver medalist8. 

Timofey Kliman: World gold medalist9. 

Felipe Massa: World junior champion10. 

Samuel Smith: Olympic champion11. 

Alessandro Petacchi: Olympic and world gold medalling12. 

Nikolay Zaitsev: Olympic silver medal winner13. 

Sergio Henao: World title 14. 

Olivier Giroud: Olympic world champion15. 

Daniel Pudil: World record holder16. 

Tristan Stauber: World ranking17. 

David Weir: World indoor title18. 

James St John: World outdoor title19. 

Michael Rasmussen: World time trial gold medal champion20. 

Raphael Kiprop: World sprint gold medal winner21. 

Dmitry Bessenko: World triple jump gold medaler22. 

Piotr Zatkoff: World track and cross country gold medalists23. 

Andreas Seelig: World swimming gold medal winners24. 

Mikkel Blumenfeld: World weightlifting gold medalers25. 

Lars Yttinger: World cross country track andfield gold medal winning rider26. 

Dimitrij Babiš: World Olympic double jumper27. 

Maxime Cachucheau: World speed skating gold medalian28. 

Benoît Chiriac: Olympic triple jumper29. 

Arman Fazali: World distance runner30. 

Héctor García: Olympic triathlon gold medal medal winner31. 

Carlos Vela: Olympic marathon bronze medalists32. 

André Lelis: Olympic medallister33. 

Marcelo Aparicio: Olympic road triathlon silver medalists34. 

Antonio Martins: World marathon bronze medallion winner35. 

Federico Caruso: World road triathlete36. 

Fabio Pignatelli: World discus gold medal-winning road race medallisters37. 

Paolo Giacoppo: Olympic discus champion38. Joachim Löw: Olympic long jump gold medallion holder39. 

Luca D’Souza: World long jump champion40. 

Alexander Chkambakov: Olympic javelin gold medal holder41. 

Eugenio Berardi: World triathlon champion42. 

Gianluigi Dall’Antonia: World double-jump gold medal leaders43. 

Bryan Baker: Olympic gymnast44. 

Aleksandar Tsegulovic: Olympic freestyle champion45. 

Marko Jovanovic: World freestyle gold medal champions46. 

Mario Ippolito: Olympian47. 

Luis Gomes: World half-pipe champion48. 

Shahin Chisholm: Olympic distance runner49. 

Gabriel Bouza: Olympic sprinter50. 

Kevin Anderson: World 1500m freestyle medalists51. 

Christian König: All-around sprinter52. 

Matteo Scaglione: Olympic 400m freestylter 53. 

Diego Lopes: Olympic half-marathon bronze medal winners54. 

Ryan Murphy: World 100m freerunning champion55. 

Martin Hallett: Olympic 10,000m freewheeling champion56. 

Zainan Sultana: World 1000m freesurfer57. 

Wesley Algar: Olympic 100m butterfly swimmer58. 

Paulo de Jesus dos Santos: Olympic 800m freetrack swimmer

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