What is platea and why is it so good?

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By Sarah D. McLaughlinWashington Post staff writerIn Greece, platea is a Greek-style dessert that is typically served with olive oil and lemon.

It is made of egg yolks, sugar, and a creamy base of milk.

The flavor is a combination of honey and vanilla and comes from Greek honey, which is rich and soft, like milk.

A small amount of milk is added to the dish, along with the yolky egg whites.

In Greece, the dish is called aplatea, and it comes in several flavors, including an egg custard, a savory platea with honey, and an olive-milk platea.

The Greek cuisine has its roots in ancient Greece and Rome, where Greek cooking is very different from that of many other European countries.

For the Greeks, olive oil is a vital part of the food process, and this ingredient has been around for hundreds of years.

For a dish that has long been popular, Greek platea has taken on a new meaning in recent years.

While it is still a classic dessert, many restaurants have taken to making their dishes with butter instead of oil, which has resulted in a lot of variation in the dish’s flavor.

This makes it a great option for those who enjoy their food plain or with a hint of sauce.

For some, it is a dessert that should be made without any extra ingredients.

For others, however, the flavor of platea can vary quite a bit from dish to dish.

What is Platea?

The word platea comes from the Greek word for “cup,” which in Greek means “egg.”

It is also a type of fruit called krete.

To understand the meaning of the word plateas, you have to understand that a cup of oil is an ideal medium for mixing the egg yolk, sugar and water.

When the oil is heated to boiling, the yolk becomes white and fluffy.

At this point, the mixture is then separated from the yolt, which separates the egg white and yolker.

The yolk is then removed from the mixture, and the yoleks are separated from each other, the process called separating the yoles.

The mixture is cooked in the oven and then cooled to room temperature.

A platea contains two parts, the egg and the liquid.

The egg is cooked, then the yelk is cooked and the egg mixture is cooled to the temperature of the yale.

This cooling step is known as separating the eggs.

The whites and yolk then become soft and flaky and the whites are then heated in the middle of the cooking process.

The result is a thick, white, custard-like custard.

It tastes just like the egg, but it has a slightly thicker consistency and is slightly sweeter.

The texture of the custard is similar to that of a traditional dessert.

The best platea that I’ve eaten is the egg-white platea from the New York restaurant The Gourmet.

This platea consists of a mixture of egg whites and a mixture made with milk and oil.

The custard comes from white butter, which adds a nice, light, and creamy texture.

The eggs, too, are a mixture and the custards is made with eggs, milk, and sugar.

The taste of the dish comes from both the custardy and sweet parts of the eggs, with the egg whites adding a buttery richness and the milk giving the dish a sweeter, more earthy flavor.

A few of my favorites are the egg platea at the Greek restaurant Pizzeria Pella in New York City and the creamy egg custardy platea made at the restaurant La Bodega in Los Angeles.

The flavors are very similar, but the texture of plateas can vary depending on the restaurant.

Some plates may have a lighter custardy texture while others may have more of a butter flavor.

While I don’t recommend the egg custards that are sold in restaurants, they do come with the option of adding a splash of milk, which can enhance the flavor even more.

How to Make a Platea in Greece How to make a platea in Greek?

If you’re new to Greek food, the Greek dish platea may seem confusing.

For many people, the words platea, dessert, and dessert are interchangeable, but in Greek, plateas are served with a mixture, called a plate, of different flavors.

The plate can have any combination of ingredients and can be made with a variety of sauces, or it can be a pure dish made from just eggs.

For this reason, the most common platea recipe includes eggs, but you can make your own if you want.

You can use the yule log, a traditional table from the Roman era that was popular in the Roman Empire and still remains popular today.

You could also make your platea by hand using a small spoon, or you could make a sauce by mixing all of the ingredients into a saucepan

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