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Michelin Star to take on Indianhead in advanced plation contest

Michelins Star, which owns the rights to the Indianhead name, announced Tuesday it will take on Miche

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4 FourFour Two – The article 4FourFour Two: The article A few weeks ago, the BBC launched its l

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If you’ve been in the restaurant industry for a while, you’ve probably been to one of the

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If you want to get an idea of just how ugly most of the people in the world are, look no further than

How to Make Your Vehicle Stand Out at the Showroom

The Wall St. Journal is reporting that Ford will unveil a new all-electric vehicle at its 2018 North

Japan: Food plating kit sold in supermarkets

NEW YORK — Japanese food plation kit has become a hot commodity, even for the country’s f

How the new Hammon rectifier will look and work

The new Hamon rectifier looks like a small round tube that sits between the bowl and the top of the h

Why don’t you use a metal plate instead of a metal rack?

A new article from The Next Word asks why we don’t use plates or racks for plating lambs or rac

How to spot lithium-ion battery defects

The world is on the brink of an energy crisis.In the past few years, a variety of battery chemistry d

How to prepare for your next dinner party

If you’re planning to host your next Thanksgiving dinner party, you need to consider how much s

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