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Cadillac’s plating is the biggest and most important of all the car parts.It is also one of the

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Tri City Plating & Plate Company announced plans to expand its Houston facility to create a more

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It is no longer uncommon for customers to use chrome plated rims for the first time, as the product i

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SAN FRANCISCO — Google Inc. and Apple Inc. are battling for the hearts and minds of the world.B

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When it comes to silver, gold, and chrome, only nickel is safe

The nickel plated aluminum and chrome plated steel that’s used in automobiles, home appliances,

Why does the chrome plated rims of the new Audi Q5 have so much chrome?

We can only speculate as to why the shiny chrome of the rims are so appealing.It’s not a big my

India unveils red sky coating for the first time

An Indian company has unveiled a coating that can withstand high-voltage currents and UV rays to prot

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