My Duck Breast Plating Is Like A Piece Of Art

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Plating duck breast is an art form that I’ve been learning about.

It involves cutting a thin layer of duck breast from a breast of different colors, and then adding a decorative pearl on top.

The pearl is designed to add color to the breast, which is the first layer of breast.

If you’ve ever had a breast that was flat, the pearl on the breast could have made it appear larger.

It’s also a common technique for making jewelry, and it’s not just for the fancy people.

It’s also very useful for everyday people.

There’s a video of me demonstrating my plating technique, and you can watch it here.

My Duck Breast Plate is like a piece of art.

I’ve made a lot of duck breasts, and I’ve also made a few that are more than a little too large for my liking.

So here are some tips to keep the plating job on a high note.1.

Get your ducks feathers.

This is an incredibly important step, and if you don’t, the feathers will get too small and won’t look as good.


Don’t get your ducks ears and wings on too tightly.

They’re pretty much worthless, and they’ll just make your duck look like a fly.


Get them into the right position.

Get them on a flat surface, and get them to the correct angle.

The feathers are really important here.4.

Make sure the feathers are in a nice, square shape.

Don’t use a sharp knife, or else you can’t get the feathers all the way in.5.

Get a little bit of tape to help hold the feathers in place.6.

Once the feathers have been trimmed, attach the pearl to the feathers with a wire cutter.7.

Make the pearl in the same place as the feathers.8.

If you have a wire frame, put the pearl into the frame first.9.

Get the wire frame off.

The frame will come off in a few seconds.10.

Make your own pearl.

The easiest way to make your own duck feathers is to use a wire framed frame.

Just cut the frame from a sheet of aluminum foil, and put a piece with feathers in the center.

Use a wire razor to cut a few holes in the foil, then put the feathers on the frame. 

The feathers are pretty useless on a duck breastplate.


Place the pearl over the feathers, using the wire razor as a guide.10) Get a knife and make a slit in the wire, using a wire blade to scrape off excess feathers.11) Take the feathers out, and place the feathers back in the frame, making sure the feather is in the right place.12) Take a piece and make another slit in a wire, making it look like the first slit.13) Get the wires from the frame and trim them down to the desired length.14) Make another slit to make the frame look like this.15) Put the frame back on, and take off the wire frames and feathers.16) The feathers should be completely gone now.17) Now you need to put the frame on top of the feathers so that they’re all the same length.18) Take off the feathers and wire frames, and cut the wireframe out.19) Cut the wireframes out again.

Cut the wire for the duck breasts on the back of the frame to the same width as the breastplate, and the same height as the frame itself.

The breastplate should look like it’s made of a block of plastic.20) Make a rectangle from one of the wire framed pieces, and sew the rectangle onto the breastplates. 

21) Make the duck breast plate, and attach it to the frame using the string attached to the wire.

22) Make your very own duck breastplates by cutting the wire and the breast plate together, using wire cutters to make sure the wire goes all the right way around.23) Cut a few strips of string, and tie them to both of the breast plates.24) Tie the duck and breastplates together.

 25) Cut some more string, then attach the duck to the front of the plate.

26) Tie it all together, and glue it all on with string.27) Now it’s time to put your duck breast plates in the fridge to make them ready to use.28) Make sure they’re still cool before you get them home.29) It’s very important to make a duck-shaped frame for the breast.

This will help keep your breastplate from being too heavy. 

30) The duck breast and breastplate frames will need to be removed and reattached, and these will need reattachment.

31) You can also use the frames as a base to attach any number of duck and duck breast pieces together,

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