Morgan’s Platinum Plating: An Antifragile Approach to High-Performance Platinum Materials

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The silver-phosphorus alloy of the future is here.

Its been around for more than 150 years and its a critical component in many of today’s most advanced technologies.

That said, the metal is not the only one that could play an important role in the future of high-performance plating.

It also makes up a great chunk of the material’s weight, and it’s important to understand why.

Rhodium, the same metal used to make silver and platinum, is an incredibly lightweight, low-energy material.

Its also incredibly expensive, so there’s a strong incentive for the industry to invest in a more efficient way of manufacturing it. 

But it turns out the metal could be just the catalyst that makes the rest of the materials we’re talking about here perform even better.

And a new type of alloy of zinc and copper known as plating has the potential to make plating far more efficient and lighter than traditional metals.

In this case, the plating material is composed of three components, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. 

First, the material can be used as a “primary material,” which is a good way of saying that it can serve as a primary structural component in the plated parts of a project. 

Second, it’s a lightweight material that can be applied to both thin, flexible and rigid materials, which is the case with the titanium plating used in some of the most advanced automotive products. 

Finally, the alloy is a versatile material, and can be made to perform a wide range of applications from aerospace and defense to aerospace and solar cell manufacturing.

It’s been used in aerospace and automotive to provide lightweight, high-strength aluminum components, to coat the exterior of solar cells, and more.

This research paper (pdf) from Morgan Stanley highlights the potential benefits of this type of plating as it relates to aerospace, aerospace industry, and solar panel manufacturing.

The Plating System In the research paper, researchers use a variety of techniques to determine the structural properties of the metal that’s used as the primary plating component.

For example, the researchers measure the strength and tensile strength of the steel in the alloy, and they use X-ray diffraction to identify the material composition of the alloy.

Then, they use a scanning tunneling microscope to examine the plasmon resonance of the plates and compare the properties of their relative structures. 

When it comes to their final plating composite, the authors found that the alloy performed significantly better than the steel it was replacing, which they attribute to the alloy’s high strength.

The researchers also found that their composite’s plasmas were stronger and longer lasting than those of steel.

The composite’s strength also increased over time, and the composites had a relatively low energy density.

Using their composite, they found that it performed better than steel at the melting point, and even higher melting points than titanium.

In addition, the composite also had a significantly better tensile stiffness, with a tensile tensile value of just 0.7 g/cm3, compared to 0.6 g/mm3 in steel.

While this research is exciting, the team notes that more research is needed to fully understand the structural and electrical properties of these plasmics.

The material is still being developed and tested, so it won’t be available to commercial customers anytime soon.

In the meantime, though, you can check out the full research paper here.

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