How to turn an old tin can into a shiny silverware tray

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The tin can has been a staple of Indian kitchens for more than a millennium, but with the advent of modern methods, the old metal can can has become a precious commodity in its own right.

The result is a plating of silverware in various colours and designs that are both elegant and functional.

A tin can can is an old metal tool, but it can also be used to make jewellery, jewellery accessories and even toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, soaps, soap, deodorants and other products.

The oldest metal can, the type used for the metal-plating of tin can, dates back to the Middle Ages, according to the Bharatiya Metal Corporation, an organisation that makes and sells tin can products.

In recent years, it has become increasingly common to find tin cans in India and abroad that are made with the new metallic-plated stainless steel used in the process.

The tin can is a classic, affordable, portable tool used by everyone from small traders to those in the industrial, commercial and government sectors.

The basic process involves using a metal to melt and polish the tin, and then plating the metal with a metal powder.

It is then coated with a silvery coating.

This silvery coat is then polished to a shiny, gold-like finish.

To make the plating work properly, the tin can needs to be thoroughly cleaned before use.

A common method of cleaning is to wipe off the coating and then wash the tin with hot water.

To get the plated look, the silverware is first coated with gold and then coated again with gold, which creates a pattern on the tin.

A thin coating is then applied to the edges and the top of the tin to make it shiny.

Once the platinium is shiny, the final coat of silver is applied.

It consists of a thin layer of silver-coated aluminium alloy on the metal surface, followed by a layer of white metal.

The final step of the process is to add a gold layer on top of it.

This process is called the smelting process.

It produces a shiny and highly polished silver plate.

The process is typically used to plating jewellery such as bracelets and rings, as well as toothbrills and toothpaste.

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