How to spot lithium-ion battery defects

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The world is on the brink of an energy crisis.

In the past few years, a variety of battery chemistry defects have popped up that can seriously compromise the health of a vehicle.

In this episode of The Globe and Mail’s Powerhouse series, we examine the dangers of these battery defects.

The first major battery defect was a lithium-on-polymer (LiPO) battery that was designed for use in electric cars.

In 2007, it was discovered that the battery was not producing enough energy to power the vehicle’s electric motors.

When a replacement was needed, the car’s lithium-metal hydride (LiMH) battery was replaced with a higher-energy version.

The result was a significant reduction in energy consumption.

The next major battery safety problem was a problem with a lithium polymer battery used in some electric vehicles.

A defect in one of the lithium-polymers in these vehicles could lead to a fire in the vehicle or other injuries.

In 2012, the Canadian government identified another problem, and issued a mandatory recall of all vehicles using the same lithium-based battery.

The manufacturer of the vehicle that was being recalled was Mitsubishi Electric, which sold its vehicles to Mitsubishis in the United States.

Mitsubikis had installed lithium-phosphate (LiPG) batteries in the new cars.

It took two years for Mitsubikan to realize that the vehicles it was selling in the U.S. were being sold without the correct batteries, and it was not replacing the faulty ones.

The issue of lithium-PHP batteries in electric vehicles led to a global crisis in lithium-lead acid (Li-PLA) batteries, which are used in automobiles, to replace the defective ones.

Although Li-PLAs have long been used in cars, they are increasingly being used in consumer electronics, as well.

Li-PO batteries are typically made of an electrolyte with an average of two lithium atoms and a phosphate group.

The phosphate group is used to hold the phosphate atoms together, which is important because the phosphate group acts as a kind of catalyst.

Because it is a reactive element, the phosphate can cause an explosion if the phosphate atom is damaged.

LiPO batteries also contain a phosphorus group that acts as an electrode, and they are used to store energy in a battery.

LiPH batteries, on the other hand, are made from the same material as the LiPO battery but contain an average number of two phosphate atoms and one oxygen atom.

The problem with these batteries is that when they are corroded, the excess phosphorus in the battery will leach into the electrolyte.

This leaching causes the battery to explode.

This is not a very serious problem, because most lithium-plating is made from aluminum oxide, and aluminum oxide has the ability to be very brittle, so it should be relatively impervious to the explosion that can result from LiPO-based batteries.

However, a recent study showed that some LiPH battery systems could explode, and some systems were even more dangerous than the original LiPO systems.

The new problem is that a new form of the leaching is now found in LiPO.

In its newest form, LiPO can leach more phosphorus and more oxygen into the battery than it normally would.

This means that a battery system will be more prone to explosions, and this is an indication that it will be less safe.

Another problem is the fact that lithium-PLASAs are now used in a variety

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