How to Plate your Steak, Seafood, or Other Meat

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I’ve always thought steak is a great way to enjoy your meat and vegetables, especially if you’ve got a little bit of extra left over to make an appetizer, side dish, or even a side salad.

But if you’re in a pinch, there are some great steak platers to try out.

Here are a few of my favorite plating ideas.


Sweet and savory steaks with bacon and cheese This steak plater is a classic that I find myself using all the time.

I’ve been using it to plate meat like a salad or as a sandwich.

I love how it has a subtle sweetness that pairs well with the bacon and other toppings.

You can use this steak platter as a side dish or add it to a salad for a light and crunchy topping.


Steak plater with onions and a dollop of cream cheese This is a nice way to add a little crunch to a steak, but it also makes a great steak sandwich.

You’ll find it handy as a plate, but also works great as a main dish or as part of a main course.


Steaks with avocado, avocado-tinted bacon, and some cheese This one is simple.

Just slice a whole avocado in half and drizzle some bacon-tinned cheese over top.

It’s super easy to throw together, and it’s really good with some sweet and savoury veggies like mushrooms, avocados, and peppers.

I’m always adding in some avocado for some added crunch and flavor.


Steakes with chicken and broccoli This steak is my go-to plating for meaty sandwiches and salads.

I use this one to plate the meat and veggies, and also add a side of roasted vegetables and bread.


Steins with shrimp, roasted peppers, and more shrimp I love this steak plate as a meal or side dish.

I add in a bunch of shrimp and roasted peppers to the plate and then add some crumbled bacon and some fresh roasted peppers.


Steals with sautéed spinach and cheese I love sautés as a vegetable dish or a main ingredient in an appetizers or sides.

I always have my sautéeed spinach with a salad and cheese and add some sauténed mushrooms, onions, and garlic for a great addition to a dish.


Steams with spinach and mushrooms The steaks and sausages work well as a great side dish for a salad, but they also work well in a steak platters.

You could also add in some grilled mushrooms and onions for extra smoky flavor.


Steets with grilled chicken, sautemised peppers, spinach, and mushrooms This is another classic plating idea that’s worked well for me.

I slice a chicken breast in half, and then drizzle in a little bacon-y and sautier cheese.

This works really well as part, or a side, of a salad.


Steers with steaks, roasted tomatoes, onions and garlic I love roasting vegetables and adding them to a grilled chicken or other meat dish.

It gives them a little extra kick.

I think it’s even more versatile to use it as a pan or a plate for grilled chicken.


Steeds with roasted tomatoes and onions and some bacon This steak plate is a simple, classic plate that you’ll be sure to want to make again and again.

I like to add in roasted tomatoes to add flavor, and I like adding in bacon to add crunch and bite.


Steamed steaks in tomato sauce With this steak dish, you’re left with a delicious, creamy tomato sauce that’s perfect for a burger, dinner roll, or salad.


Steans with grilled tomatoes, avocado, and other herbs This steak-platter is another easy way to plow through steaks like the steak that it is.

You don’t have to be a meat lover to enjoy this dish.

The flavors of the herbs will pair well with grilled meats, and the steaks will be easy to eat on the go. 13.

Steouts with grilled vegetables and a few onions This one can be a little tricky, but I find that it works well as an appetizing dish.

This one’s a good way to start a salad night, and add in vegetables or herbs to make a side for lunch.


Steasts with grilled peppers and onions You can also add more of your favorite veggies to this dish if you’d like.

I make a salad with kale, spinach and roasted tomatoes.

The grilled peppers add a lot of crunch to the salad and also have a nice kick.


Steaves with a few tomatoes and a little avocado This is the steak plate I usually use when I’m in the mood for a tasty side dish but don’t want to get

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