How to Make Gold Plating Kit, a $10 Kit from eBay

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Gold plating kits are a good way to add decorative flair to any room.

The kit includes the basic tools and a variety of plating tools to make the job easier. 

But how do you make one of these gold plated items?

It can be a challenge, but you can start with some basic tools to get started.

Here are the basic toolkit essentials. 

Tools 1. 

Sanding disk or small, flat-edged blade. 

Use a sharp sanding disk (like a sandpaper or a circular saw), but it’s important to get a smooth surface.

You don’t want to get scratches or chips.


Wooden mallet or flat blade.

You can use a wooden mallet (like an axe) or a flat-edge blade (like scissors) to make these plating items. 


Paint brush.

This is optional.

If you don’t have a paintbrush, a paint brush can do the job.4. 

Rubber bands or string. 

These are also optional.

You could also use a plastic strip for this. 


Wire brush.

You will need a wire brush to make this work.6. 


This can be either a wooden or metal one.

You might have to buy a new set of clamps each time you change your style.7. 


Make sure your cords are strong enough to hold your items.8. 


Pencils can be used to make a few different plating tasks. 



This glue can be sold in a store or online.

If possible, make sure you purchase a small amount. 



If this is a one-time item, you can cut it out and use it for a variety a different task.

Check out these articles on how to make gold platers: How to Make Plating from Home and Gold Plating Kits. 

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