Houston plating companies offer their products for $3,000

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HIALEAH, Texas (AP) Houston-based Plating Technologies is offering its advanced plating services for $5,000 to $10,000 for a plating service, but customers will have to pay more to get the same results.

The company says it offers a wide variety of plating methods and techniques for home and business uses.

The plating industry is growing rapidly and the plating market is expected to reach $4.8 billion by 2020, according to industry estimates.

It’s expected to expand to $6.7 billion by 2027.

“The trend is clearly to get more expensive,” said Dan Kocher, Plating Technology’s chief marketing officer.

“People are looking for more advanced platers that are more affordable and easier to install.”

Kochel said the company was the first to offer plating at a fraction of the cost to consumers and businesses.

It was a natural fit for Houston’s growing home and commercial plating markets, where demand is rising.

“I think the industry is going to see growth in this market,” Koche said.

Plating is used in home and industrial applications including walls, ceilings, kitchens and bathtubs.

The industry has been growing steadily in the U.S. and Canada.

Platers can also be used to seal metal surfaces such as doors and windows.

Plates are used for exterior paint jobs and in decorative or decorative items such as wall decals.

The companies offer a wide range of platers for home or commercial applications.

Kochen said customers can choose from a wide array of styles, including stainless steel, chrome, copper, stainless steel and zinc plating.

A stainless steel plater has a “high carbon content” that’s not as corrosion resistant as the plated copper plater, Kochere said.

Kofler Plating, a company based in Chicago, is also offering plating for its customers at a lower price than Plating.

KOCHE said it has seen strong demand for the platers.

“Platers have become a staple of homeowners’ homes,” Kofelter Plating’s CEO, Kevin Kochet, said in a statement.

“We are excited to bring our advanced plater technology to customers for a price that is even lower than the cost of a conventional plater.”

The company said its products include stainless steel (2,000 psi) and chrome plating (1,000psi).

Kofeller’s plating products include products for home use, commercial use and industrial use.

The U.K.-based company offers the best in its range of stainless steel products for homes, and its chrome platers are used to cover the exterior of many kitchens and bathrooms.

“Our products are made in the UK with the highest quality stainless steel available in the world,” Koffelter said.

The prices on its products range from $300 for stainless steel to $500 for chrome plated stainless steel.

Kofteler Plating in Houston is offering a stainless steel product called the Stainless Steel Plate (2.5-gal.

stainless steel).

It costs $500.

The plate can be used on the inside of the home, outside of the kitchen, or even on a wall.

The plates are made from a mixture of stainless and copper and are designed to last at least 30,000 hours.

“As home appliances go, this is by far the most robust and durable plating technology on the market,” said Scott Joffe, a Plating technology analyst at research firm NPD Group.

Koffe said he expects the price of the plate to go down as the industry matures.

“A $5 million plate will get you a stainless plate and a $2 million plate can get you an chrome plate,” Joffeler said.

In addition to the stainless steel plates, Kofelaer has made plating plates for exterior use, including window and door panels.

KOFELTER has made the plater for exterior windows, doors and bathroom fixtures.

Kofi Kofele, the company’s general manager of products, said the plates are available in a variety of finishes, including white, blue, green and black.

Koca Kofelle, KOFE’s president, said that because the plates were made with the best stainless steel materials, they’re durable.

Koufele said the stainless plates are also a good option for businesses.

“Customers are looking to save money and spend less money on plating,” he said.

“It makes sense to make them less expensive to install and use.”

Kofle said the price on KOFEAER’s stainless steel plate is $50 less than the stainless plating plate it makes for commercial and industrial uses.

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