A new startup is working on a new kind of plastic, using a mix of graphene and carbon nanotubes for its coating

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TechCrunch article Del’s Plating has created a graphene-based coating that uses carbon nanotsuites for its surface properties.

The company’s founder, J.K. Dolan, says the material has been on the market for a couple of years, and it has recently made a significant dent in the market.

Dola says Del’s is developing graphene-inspired graphene-coating materials that are designed to provide “a superior, more sustainable, and more environmentally friendly coating for the exterior of a car, bicycle, or other vehicle.”

Del’s claims that the coating is “green” and “sustainable” are significant, given the amount of carbon dioxide that is emitted in the world each year, Dolan said.

The carbon nanotechnology technology is not new to graphene.

In 2014, the team behind a graphene coating in the car had already demonstrated its potential.

Carbon nanotube coating in a car.

(Courtesy of Del’s) Dolan believes the graphene-nanotube hybrid coating has a lot of potential in a range of automotive applications, from vehicles that are built using carbon-neutral materials to paint applications.

For example, in a new report on the graphene coatings and coatings industry, Dola said that Del’s “plating is used in cars that use the carbon nanocarbon composites for exterior applications,” but also in paint applications like automotive body paint and in high-performance vehicles like racing cars.

The team’s report also said that the company’s graphene-on-carbon coating technology is the first to use graphene as the carbon matrix, with the goal of using the nanotubes for a carbon-based composite that “remains carbon neutral.”

In other words, the coating isn’t using carbon dioxide.

The researchers behind Del’s said their graphene-powered coating “has no carbon footprint.”

However, they also said their coating doesn’t offer any benefits over conventional carbon-containing coating materials that use other carbon sources, such as carbon nanocomposites.

The graphene coating isn.

(Del’s) The new graphene coating has been tested in cars and is expected to become commercially available sometime this year.

DOLAN said the coating’s ability to absorb a variety of pollutants is similar to carbon nanomaterials used in plastics and other automotive materials.

“It’s a new and exciting material for automotive coatings, and we are going to work with the market to develop the technology to make this a reality,” Dolan told TechCrunch.

“There is a lot to learn from the car industry, and with a lot more work to do, we will make graphene the material of choice for the automotive industry.”

Dolan says Del is also working on using graphene to improve the efficiency of the coating on cars.

“Our graphene coating is designed to be a high-efficiency surface, meaning it absorbs less of the CO 2 than other coatings on the car, and also to improve surface properties, such the color of the coatings,” he said.

“We have a few applications in mind, and the most exciting of them is to enhance the quality of carbon composite coating for cars.”

Dola also said Del’s coating can be applied to the interior of cars, and he says that the new coating could be available within the next few years.

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