A Corvette Stingray gets a new paint job

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Corvette Stingrays have always had a reputation for bad paint jobs.

But now, it looks like a new Corvette StingRay is getting a new exterior paint job that’s going to be a lot nicer than the original.

The first Corvette Sting Ray to be fitted with a new interior paint job in more than 20 years, is now being painted in an exclusive silver finish.

While it’s not clear if the Corvette StingRAY’s new exterior paints will be available as a permanent part of the car’s overall package, the first owner of the new Stingray is now on a roll.

The new Corvette’s owner is currently using the car as a rental vehicle.

As we reported in November, the car is being leased for a $6,000 loan from the owner of a Chevrolet dealership in Houston, Texas.

For this new StingRay, the owner will also be allowed to take his or her car to any other dealership he or she chooses.

So far, the Stingray has been used to haul groceries, repair cars, and perform other errands.

In addition to being a rental car, the Corvette’s lease will run for six months and cost the owner an additional $3,600 in annual fees.

This new Corvette is being painted with the StingRay brand’s iconic silver paint, which is one of the few remaining brands in the Corvette lineup that hasn’t been changed since the 1970s.

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