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Houston plating companies offer their products for $3,000

HIALEAH, Texas (AP) Houston-based Plating Technologies is offering its advanced plating services for

Why We Need to See the Next Big Thing from JJ Abrams and Chris Hemsworth: The Return of JJ Abrams

The new Star Wars movie is a major reboot of the franchise and has already won some of the most criti

Dessert plater’s recipe for ‘soup du jour’

By J. Michael Bailey | October 13, 2018 3:19 p.m.EDTDessert platers are an increasingly popular way t

Michelin Star to take on Indianhead in advanced plation contest

Michelins Star, which owns the rights to the Indianhead name, announced Tuesday it will take on Miche

When you see a penny, it’s a dollar, not a penny

It may seem counterintuitive, but a penny is worth more than a dollar.It’s the equivalent of a

VA is using aluminum foil to protect soldiers from lead and other contaminants

VA is moving to use a thin layer of aluminum foil on its uniforms in order to protect them from lead.

How to buy fountain glasses with a fountain pen, fountain pen pens, and fountain pens without fountain pens

You might have heard the term fountain pen without a pen.Well, the fountain pen with a pen is actuall

Which water is safe to drink?

It is safe for all to drink, says an expert on drinking water.Theiss plation, in Queensland’s s

How to build your own buckhead plate from a recycled bottle

A lot of us have been using bottles that are recyclable and then throwing them away.Buckhead plates a

Why you should trust the data we collect on you

We collect data on a variety of topics, and some of it is public.Some of it’s private.That mean

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