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FourFour Two: Three restaurant owners in New Orleans reveal why they chose to go vegan

One in three restaurant owners will say that they’ve made the decision to go vegetarian.In fact

NFL draft: Klein, Pritchard, Ponder combine for first time in six years

NFL draft combine results and the final roster picks were revealed Wednesday night.The combine has be

A new startup is working on a new kind of plastic, using a mix of graphene and carbon nanotubes for its coating

TechCrunch article Del’s Plating has created a graphene-based coating that uses carbon nanotsui

What you need to know about silver plated stainless steel

What you’re about to read is from New Scientist, the official science magazine of the Royal Soc

Lincoln plating for your computer’s hard drive

Lithium-ion batteries are used in laptops, desktops, notebooks, desk computers and mobile devices, bu

Why Americans Are Unhappy About the Economy

The economy has been struggling to recover from the economic shock of the 2008 financial crisis.A rec

How to make your own Polished Nickel Plating

The Polished nickel and chrome plating is the only plating method that is safe for any kind of metal

What is a chrome plated beef well-done?

Beef plating is an excellent option for those who want to remove chrome plation, but you must have a

Why are men like men?

The question is not why men are men, or why men have certain features or characteristics.Rather, the

U.S. gold and silver plating company to buy Montana mines

Plating Montipora is buying Montana’s gold and Silver Plating mines for $10.3 billion.Plating i

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